People like me are oceans — both beauty and storm

We are the hopeful colors of a rainbow reflected

But  we also are echoes of the thunder’s angry voice


People like me are papers — both fragility and strength

You can depend on us to keep your heartaches and secrets

Never mind the fact that we too, are easily torn


People like me are  computers — simple and complicated at once

You look at us and see what you want to see

Yet you never really know how we tell our heart and brain to keep these smiles on our faces

Just a little more…

A little more…

Until you turn around and finally, we can shut down and be in our own world


People like me are chess pieces

It’s a never-ending battle between what others deemed good and bad

A battle we fight within ourselves

Yet a battle we never have won


People like me are not others like you

You will not understand why we write what we write

You will never comprehend why for us, alone is not lonely


You will not know because you did not look in our souls 

and found another universe when you just expect the sky

or saw the flame of our passions and dreams

when all you search for was the coldness inside


You can try and see the very core  of me

You could

Really, I beg you to do so

Just be sure of one thing..



Be sure to make it out alive