Just how many times did we hear others say those words?


But what does being yourself mean?  All over social media, people of different languages from different cultures and different age seem to have that as rallying cry as response to some dumb person being stupid enough to post derogatory, sexist or racist remarks which for that person is pretty much harmless (at that moment).

Now, there are two types of people in the online world: The clueless passerby and the angry drivers. One post stating your opinion on some issue and kaboom! People will readily criticize and condemn you if it does not by any luck coincide with theirs  ( but hey! You thought you were in the pedestrian lane! Too bad you didn’t know you were in an intersection during a green light. Huh.) If by any chance you were the former, then congratulations! You just gave yourself a trip to an aquarium full of starved piranhas just waiting for others to make an error (Yes, the online community is that savage. ) If you are the latter though, then I am very sure you have prepared your essay of 140 characters on twitter or a ‘see more’ – worth post on facebook stating the obvious good with a lengthy explanation of why all of us should not be labelled or judged based on our skin color or sexual preference because after all, we are humans, we have every right to live as we want to live. Our lives are our lives. Thus, let us be ourselves and ignore the hate.



But isn’t being yourself also corresponds to stating your opinion? Does being yourself just means that you have to believe what the majority fights for? Is a ‘derogatory’ statement for others really a derogatory statement?

Be yourself. They said.

Be what you believe.

Be who you are.

But who are you in this world that tells you that you should voice out your heart’s desires but also attacks you with harsh comments if something in your desires does not conform to this society’s standard?

Be yourself but not too much of that ‘self’. Express your opinions but not the dirty ones. Show your naked face but make sure you are prepared to be called ugly. Be sexy but not too sexy as to incur the wrath of the innocent and the righteous. Love others but make sure to bring the hate when others can’t share the same perspective as you.

So you there! Be yourself. If you’re done being yourself, please do tell the secret to it but you know, just make sure everyone is happy with that secret. 🙂