Today, I had this urge to listen to violin covers and so I of course, went to Youtube. Disney covers were always my favorite. They bring this child in me — someone who sees the world in multicolored lights and so much possibilities. I miss that someone.

As I was randomly clicking here and there, I saw a cover from one of the Naruto OSTs. It’s entitled ‘Guren’ or the Crimson Lotus (Naruto Shippuden – Guren – Violin, Piano Duet). If you are a fan of anime, you would know who Naruto is. Here he is


I know. This kid is least likely to be voted as ‘most handsome/most popular’ but you see, what made this anime so epic was that this haggard-looking boy here made a point not only to his classmates but to the entire ninja world that he in fact could be as great as others. You can see it in his eyes, that determination and the will to prove himself. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what I want to write about.

People often give me a curious look when I talk about Harry Potter books or other books for that matter, Naruto and other gazillion animes as if they are real people or as if my whole world is dedicated to them or why I get so hyper just by the mere mention of these books or animes. Why do you like Harry Potter? Isn’t that for kids? Why not books like Fifty Shades of Grey? Why Naruto? It’s too overrated.. I usually hear those comments and you know as a fan of those, I really get hurt. These people don’t comprehend people like me who get so overly excited when it comes to books and animes.

You see, Harry Potter series isn’t just a book. It was THE BOOK for me way before it went globally popular. HP series taught me hope— the kind of hope you need when either the Dursleys or Voldemort is in your doorstep; and love — no, not the love people casually talk about but a mother’s love to his son, a twin’s love for the other, the love you find in friendship, the love that can overlook pain like Snape’s to Lily’s.

Other things in real life did not show me that.

It did not tell me that in the moments you feel the most intense pain, regret and loneliness, you have to embrace yourself and forgive yourself like Naruto did and only then could you truly be better.

You know, sometimes it is in these things that I find the strength and inspiration. Not on petty things. What was it again that that William Herondale said?

It was books that made me feel that perhaps I was not completely alone.

And perhaps, perhaps, it is true —the fact that only through these characters will I ever feel what is ought to be important and what is worth believing in this life.