First of all, say hi to Min Yoongi aka Suga of Bangtan Sonyeondan (BTS)—a Korean boy group 🙂


Pretty boy, right?

Well.. aside from being so ridiculously handsome and cute at the same time, this man right here also has the palest skin out of all the members (but that’s not exactly why I consider him my spirit animal).

He writes.

He composes.

He produces music.

But he also does this:



That is my no. 3 reason why I consider him my spirit animal. I literally do that. I don’t want to move around, don’t want to go out often nor get up for getting up’s sake (I hate being woken up). It’s not being lazy, it’s called saving energy. Right, Yoongi?

No. 2 is his reaction to about just everything. You know, when we really have to get up and socialize, we share exact facial expression to about everything (hilarious or not) our friends or even strangers do.

It’s either you get the poker face..


or the ” What-the-hell-is-that-I’m-gonna-judge-you kind of face”


(I know. I know it’s bad. But hey! You made us get up! )

BUT WAIT. It’s not just those little stuff which made me relate to him… It was actually music, my no. 1 reason.

Out of all the things the Almighty gave him, his fans (I included) would say it is his passion for music which makes him so attractive (and hot, if I may say so.) THAT is reason no. 1 why I feel connected to him. Although we love different genres of music (I love broadway/ classical the most), we both love it not just because it is an outlet or a source of inspiration but somehow it became a world where lyrics are our life stories and melodies are the different play of emotions in our lives. Whenever I hear him rap about his past and the things he went through, I feel the simple honesty in them— it was not just another song but a conversation between the two of us. It was not for fame’s sake nor a way to please others but somehow it was like shouting, ” HERE I AM, BARING MY SOUL FOR YOU TO LOOK AT AND JUDGE AND I DON’T CARE.” It is vulnerability and strength at the same time. For me, that is music, when you strip off the expectations and immerse yourself in your world and have the courage to share it.

I love him for that.

He may seem cold and timid on the outside but he’s the most caring person you could ever meet. I don’t know if we share that kind of attribute but I can totally relate to being the ‘cold one’ out of everyone.  So hey! don’t judge. We all are as we are for some reasons others could probably not / won’t understand. People will always be there to criticize and insult you. But then again, as what he said


So yeah, here’s Min Yoongi, my spirit animal 🙂


P.S all the pictures aren’t mine. All credits goes to the beautiful owners. 🙂