The  sky is quite on a tantrum today. No, not quite. I think it’s actually on a very rebellious mode today. Have you seen a whining child? It keeps crying and shouting until you can’t help but actually pay attention to it. Today, the dark clouds and heavy rain seems to produce a melancholic yet intimidating atmosphere. Raining on this time of the month is common here. However, today, I feel like the sky would not only want people to actually stay in their houses, listen to sad music while playing the raindrops falling as their background and at the same time reflect on what has been and what is (as what they always do on this season) but it wants people to be aware of its state, too — which is crazy by the way.  It seems to be threatening the peasants under it with either the oncoming lightning with a whole lot of thunderous grumbling or an ocean of tears with matching oppressive wind-blowing.

And sadly, I really, really do want to write something good but my mind is in a blank state, my stomach is in a much more blanker state, and worse, every senses on my body is aware of the not so few flashes and not so quiet thunder outside. Seriously, I am in a limbo and I don’t know how to get out of this. I am literally staring at that line prompting me to write the next word or paragraph. Now, I’m making nonsense. I’m staring at it again. You know what? I think I’ll just end this.

Sorry. Ahahhahaa.