Once upon a time, there lived in a simple house, an inseparable set of twins and they are truly inseparable for they have lived together, just the two of them, since birth. Their names are Head and Heart.

One day…

” Head,” Heart said. “Why don’t we try making friends with our neighbors? They seem to be good.”

“I don’t know with that Heart. We are living peacefully now. Why do you suddenly want to have other’s company?”

“I don’t know. Our lives seem lacking and Many says it would be good if we talk to others.”

” I still don’t like the idea Heart. Many is probably wrong. It may just be applicable to others. What if it isn’t for us?”

Nonetheless, despite Head’s doubts and constant warning, Heart had ventured into making friends. Head though, watched from afar as Heart became happy and happier ultimately. Every time Heart goes home, there are always news of how this was that and that was this and every time,too, her eyes shine like they had seen the greatest beauty here on earth. Head did not say anything because Heart seems to be content with everything.

One day, Heart came home crying and so Head asked why, for when it comes to matter like this, they always share with each other.

“Nothing.” Heart said. “It’s my friends… they’re… but I’m fine.” She smiled.

Head was confused. Why would Heart say she is okay when she is crying? Why would she lie? Head can’t find any reason why Heart would deny the pain she is obviously carrying. But still, Head did not say anything. It may just be now.

But then, it became almost everyday. Heart will come back from meeting these ‘friends’, crying or depressed and when Head tries to ask her, she always answers with ‘I’m fine’ until ‘fine’ became nothing more than the quietness of closing doors.

In the morning, Head knocked to Heart’s door. There was no answer. Head, worried, went in immediately.

“Heart?!” She hugged her twin immediately even though what she saw did not make sense- Heart is trying to kill herself.

“Why?” Head can’t suppress her tears as she keeps uttering the same question when she saw her twin like that.

What Heart replied were only two words yet those words made Head vowed one thing — she will protect Heart at all costs. She will build a barrier no one can penetrate. She shall surround them with ice and fire at the same time so anyone who dares to go near them will be burned with the flick of her words and if anyone shall pass that, he/she will freeze once she/he feels the coldness of hatred and indifference.

“It hurts.” Heart said.

But no more.

She promised that to herself and to her twin. They will not be able to get to us again. Those people didn’t deserve our secrets, our worries, our regrets, our dreams and hopes. They do not deserve the goodness in us.

“No more…” I said to Heart. “No more.”