The moment I open the TV, same thing always greets me— terror attacks.

Everyday. Every time. And it doesn’t end.

As I am writing, so many lives are lost already in the attack on Nice, France. Was it 80? 84? I don’t know. I know though that another 50 is  in between life and death.

These numbers are not just a tragic representation of the worst that could happen during such a happy moment, a celebration for all of us. This is not just ‘another terrorist attack’. Let this not be JUST ‘another’ news that we can tweet about or post on facebook or in fact just write about like what I am doing now. My point is, those numbers are lives, those are hopes and dreams and they are a friend to someone, a mother to a crying child, or a son to his helpless father right now and THEY ARE GONE. For us who watches the news, it may seem, yes, sad and we probably feel sympathetic towards the families and victims but afterwards, another one comes and the lives of those who were gone first just becomes a collection of letters, forming a list of names, most of us did not know and will probably forget as on and on, more lives are wasted because of these attacks.

We probably feel sympathy but as more of these attacks happen, the victims of each prior attacks are also more likely to be forgotten.

It’s as if somehow, we’ve expected for this to happen, one way or another, conscious or not, because of the frequency of these terror attacks. Somehow, this became, if not a common occurrence, something imminent and definite.

And that should not be. That must not be how we accept this news. Because for the families of those people right now, it is not something they can just accept. Those families did not deserve a goodbye when a text clearly says ‘wait for me at home after this celebration’. They did not deserve to cry  when they should be celebrating one of the moments where they are proud of what their country, France, had become. They did not deserve it. None of those monstrous things.

We should not ‘just accept’ these hideous attacks. They do not deserve it. None of us do.

I am just another ordinary person. I am still 19 years old. And although I see the cruelty in this world, I never really believed that it is something I should turn my back from. Somehow, I still see myself shaping this world into something better. I know, and I want to believe, many still share the same hopes as I do. Call it an illusion, if you must, but if having that illusion is the only way I can force myself to move and make a change then why not. We do not deserve to live in fear. It may just be 80 out of billions of people in this world but those 80 made a small change in this world, their world.  I don’t like to think that their lives can be justified by a tweet or a post or promises made by officials. I don’t think that killing people to prove something should be even considered a reason for these acts.

Our cultures, religion and beliefs often divide us. These factors had been, for ages, the cause of wars and deaths. And no matter what we do and how we do it, there would always be a rift among us, a fine line which will always prevent us from truly reaching out to each other. But beyond all this, I want us to remember — WE ARE HUMANS. Among all the creatures in the universe, we should be able to comprehend the value and worth of a human life. Each of us should . And if that isn’t enough of a reason for this to stop, I don’t know what is.

So for us, for this world, let us all remember something:

Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise. -Les Miserables

And it will. I hope it will.