This past week I had been in isolation. I mean with no  cellphone, WiFi in the room and no classes due to school festivities, I literally pretty much have locked myself away from civilization. I’ll have to say pretty much because my laptop makes good company. But ya know, this week I had the same realization as my favorite minion, Kevin.

I should stop begging for the attention of people who are busy with their lives.

Yep. You know why? Because I just found out that there are people whom I thought I’ve lost but it turns out, they were right behind me. Those were people whom I thought I should I forget because I have a new life but I was wrong because they, among anyone I knew, were there to stay with me even when they’ve seen the worst. And damn, it feels good to know there are people who are willing to stand by me when I am confused and lost.

Ya know, in the course of knowing myself, I have forgotten my importance and that’s why I feel lost trying to reach for the hands that could save me. Now, I’m just glad to see the people who are already reaching out to me.