It started as random teasing..

It actually started the day I first saw him

So my story starts with this boy who had this unguarded smile and lovely eyes

There was this boy whom I like. I think I do like him. I don’t know though if this feeling is supposed to be real. Is this a product of being alone for a long time? But.. 

Okay. This is the final one. I don’t know what’s happening already. Everytime I happen to see him, I become uneasy. I suddenly become another person or I suddenly go to the extremes. I can’t look straight to his eyes. I have never behaved this way. My brain is shouting at how pathetic I have become just because of one person. Do you know this feeling? When he is near, it seems like I am too aware of the time. For the first time, I wanted something to last for more than just a fleeting minute. I think .. I think I might be falling in…

I thought this would go away but I can’t help but wish that I could meet him again today. Is it really okay to feel this?

I saw him the other day. He is smiling so gently and brightly…

After so many hesitations, I finally get to start the first paragraph. No, this is not the love story I wanted so bad to write about. This is not the happy ending I hoped for. This is not a narrative of the first time we ever talked, of the messages left in my inbox thereafter nor the moment I actually thought I could finally hold someone’s hand in the mall or have someone to watch horror movies with. Because, damn, that was what he made me feel in those nights I dared not fall asleep because this seemingly dreamlike reality may fade.

I saw him the other day. He is smiling…

Too bad. It wasn’t for me

And I think I might have fallen in love again.