Hi love,

It’s been one year since we’ve been together. I am more than grateful for that one year. Before I go emotional on this letter, let me apologize for any mistakes to come. It’s my first time writing  a letter to someone. Haha.

Do you remember the first time we crossed paths? I do. It was the evening of Valentine’s day. I was there at the restaurant and so were you but while I was yet to mend my broken heart at that time, you already gave your heart to someone else. I sat there alone with  a memory of a past I cannot get over with and then there’s you with the future you wanted in front of you. Now that I think of it, we seem to be leading different lives. I remembered you because the next Valentine’s day, you also went there — the same clothes, the same face but different expression. I was still alone and surprisingly, so were you. You were crying. I don’t know what exactly urged me to walk towards you and offer my handkerchief. I don’t believe in destiny, love but I also can’t explain why at that moment, I wanted to wipe the tears in your eyes. Was it merely because I know how it hurts to be alone all of a sudden when you thought that everything is perfect? Was it a choice or was it destiny? I don’t know but I’m thankful because of the chance that I had and the of the fact that it was you.

And now we are here. One year of being with you but never was a day I regretted the choice of making you part of my life. There are a lot of things I want to say but it all ends up to sorry and thank you anyway. Sorry if I annoy you with so many texts in the morning and at night — sometimes I forget you also want to be alone but still, I worry too much. Sorry if I stare at you while you were reading incomprehensible stuff or if I hold your hand out of the blue — there are just days I still can’t believe you are mine. Sorry if I get jealous of your friends and other things you love — it’s probably because I envy the way you laugh so hard or seem to be carefree in front of them and of how you have this list of memorable experiences that’s never-ending. If you could only see the way your eyes shine when you talk about them or your music or your books. I wonder if others would say the same if you are with me. There’s only one thing to thank though. Thank you for choosing me, for loving me despite of my weirdness, for accepting me and trusting me with your secrets. Thank you for the one year.

I cannot promise you forever but only days just as I have promised you before. Now, those days turned to a year. So I will promise you once again my days hoping they will turn into another year and another one and another one.

You are not my dream, love.

Instead, you are the one who made me realize I do not have to dream anymore.

Happy 1st anniversary!

I folded the paper in my hands and wiped a tear in my eye. 

“Love, you ready?”

I turned to face the voice in front of my room and saw a man with gray hair and smiling eyes, wearing red and violet striped polo shirt.

“Didn’t I tell you that red and violet don’t go together?”

“Really?” He said while walking towards me until he finally stopped in front of me.

” You’re staring again.” I accused.

” Am I?” He laughed as if that is a hilarious idea to even suggest.


He kissed my wrinkled forehead, looked me in the eye and said,

“Happy 50th anniversary, love.”