Hi! I’m a Bitch
( A Savannah Brown Inspired Slam Poem)

Hi! I’m a bitch
What? You can’t be that surprised when you’ve spent my entire life
deciding women equal sexualize
On sixth grade I was told that i have an ugly personality
for standing up to a boy

Hi! I’m a bitch
and no, I don’t know what that word means
I am less sweeter. I do speak louder and
is too assertive, sure
but isn’t that what this whole women equality for?

Hi I’m a bitch
And I apologize for slapping your face the other day
Because really, just how pretty do I think I am not to tend to your fragile ego
when you’ve decided to catcall me in the middle of the street?
Or who the hell do I think I am to state that women can fight back in
a country run by a president that doesn’t even recognize respect in his words

Hi I’m a bitch
And I’m so sorry because that last statement doesn’t go by the popular opinion
and it doesn’t by any chance conform
to your seemingly high standards for women in this society

But you know, let’s just ignore and forget that respect bullshit
since this is the modern world anyway
unless of course I act all empowered and confident
that your self-esteem suddenly feel threatened
then you could just throw that word respect outside and shame me all you want
You said in this article I am to be bold but when I have spoken my mind
you suddenly can’t wait to tear me into pieces
as if I am a piece of meat in the center of these starving wolves
You said I should know my rights as a woman
And so when I have to do something in self-defense
I am then to be crucified for being the reason
of condemning those men to their lust
I am going to say to you that when two opposing forces
meet, they cancel each other out
and so when you implied ” be yourself but not too much of
that self”
I became confused because now it looks to me
that you just want me to stop existing

You are goddamn right to say that I am a modern woman
made up of crop tops, miniskirts and make-up
Yes, I am a modern woman
but I am not just bones and not just flesh for you to grab on and fuck with
when you want to satiate your thirst
or for you to humiliate in social media when you can’t solve your own goddamn insecurities
I am a modern woman
And I am a lamp with a fire in this soul and this heart
and this will to be an inspiration and
of dreams bigger than what you want me to achieve
and a voice of ideals and opinions and the knowledge I’ve learned to perceive

Hi I’m a bitch
but that doesn’t mean I am nothing but this tattling creature with a vagina telling other women to not be afraid
And so hey, call me a bitch
but no, I am not going to go back to that hellhole where I am caged by this society’s ignorance and where I am to close my eyes and accept the words ugly, slut, fat, and whore as if they are the very definition of who I am

Hi! I’m a bitch
and no, that doesn’t mean you can get away for calling me that

note: as written, this is inspired by Savannah Brown’s “Hi! I’m a Slut” Youtube video 🙂 This is not really originally mine since the construction of the poem is hers. It was such an eye-opener that I’ve decided to just make my own  🙂 btw, thumbs up to the owner of the pic!

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w6CCePrJlaU