Sometimes when I see a lot of people talk about success, instead of being motivated, I feel so average instead. Hold up there! I know what you’re gonna say — people who want to be successful are not intimidated by the idea of it and instead, accepts the challenge. I know, I know. I’ve seen the Tumblr quotes, those TEDx talks, witnessed them firsthand but you know what? That whole concept of “success” being this thing for the strong and the capable makes “success” so out-of-reach for me. So hey, here I am, a girl of average looks, of average talents of average intelligence being convinced by someone  that I can do what she/he did or even do better when obviously I’ve read the pamphlet listing her/his achievements back-to-back. That makes this idea of being “successful” akin to being a superhero — sufferings, failures, failures then taking the challenge and then BAM! all praises and joy for the savior of mankind. It’s like they were actually born for it. That makes me question if  I’d somehow make it to become this superhero that they tell me about. Like, here I am, in this state and you are telling me that if I work 10x than everyone, make sleep a privilege and maybe enhance my talents then I could PROBABLY be on that platform your standing on?

Do you see the problem here? I look at you and see the Avengers. What was that again that Stark replied to Captain America’s question?


Yep. Exactly what I’m talking about. Because really, if I strip you off of those achievements then what will you become? Will you become exactly as average as I am? No, I don’t think so. You’ll still have that above-average intelligence, those well-built connections, that one-of-a-kind talent that made you stood out on the first place. And I can never relate to that.

And wait, the sufferings and failures. Lemme talk about them.

I often hear about failures on the way to success. Well, they somehow humanizes the whole thing but often times I feel like this had become a mainstream thing to say for a lot of “successful” people. Like they tell me, on the road to success, there bound to be failures and disappointments and also rejections but I feel like saying that doesn’t assure a person who’s going through one of those situations. It’s like when you’re depressed and some stranger comes up to you and say ” You’re gonna be alright one day because I’ve gone through that and I became okay.” Somehow, it made me feel like this whole “success” thing is created by the society to show people that yes, you are allowed to fail but no, not for long obviously because you see these individuals? Yes, they’re you before but they did not slack off like you, mope around like you, had fun parties like you but instead they worked their asses off, build connections and look at where they are now? So much better than you can imagine so I NEED you to do exactly what they did or else you won’t get the certificate of recognition from us.

And that for me, is what makes this whole business a sad thing to realize. I know when “successful” people talk about their success, most of them really do mean to have a positive influence but this society sometimes twists that and makes it a goal for all of us to aspire to stand exactly on this grand stage where they stand when obviously, we could just build our own platforms and stand on them. Like, on the first place, why do I have to climb up so high on the mountain just to see the whole expanse of land and sea when I could just stay at the base and explore them on my own time? I mean, I will see what you’ll see but it’s just that we are on different angles and perspectives. You are successful for you have seen people’s lives high above in one shot after terrible pains but aren’t I successful also for collecting pictures of faces and experiences, thousands of them, down here too?