I hear the sound of music in my ears
It tells the story of a time gone by
Of being free, of being loved,
of knowing not the tears
of seeing the world as kind

And I hear a voice stained with memories
It sings of life worth living
of looking back on what had been
of hopes so high
of a God that is forgiving

But the music had stopped
The voice had ceased to sing
When it all went wrong
And it all went wrong

For when summer had faded
And autumn abandoned his leaves
along was my dream, in it was my youth
along was my heart
tired of promises and being deceived

Life, I thought was a blessing
But in it, I had find a curse
For there in anguish I’ve realized
of  dreams that cannot be
of storms I cannot weather
in a life that can’t be worse

I often listen to Les Misérables soundtracks especially the one sang by the cast in the 10th anniversary concert held in Royal Albert Hall. Les Misérables had been my gate towards Broadway music and since then, it had been my true love among all genres of music. I dreamed a dream is probably one of the most loved (if not the most) song in the musical and among others, it is for me too. It is sang in so much anguish, pain and regret that I never fail to cry whenever I hear its opening notes.  So here, I decided to borrow some of its lyrics and express them in a poem.