Sometimes when I feel too suffocated with my own thoughts, I find myself in a daze, almost in a limbo. Somewhere I do exist but also doesn’t exist.You know, it feels like floating on the sea and just staring at the hurrying clouds. They could go on endlessly and I wouldn’t care any lesser or in fact, care more. I feel like I could wake myself up from this if I let myself be but there’s something about blocking the world and creating your own that made me resist the idea. My brain tells me, “You ought to eat. You haven’t had your dinner yet.” So I put on my hoodie and soaked myself of the cold wind under the cloudless sky. Truthfully, I wasn’t even hungry but I feel like getting out would probably solve my dazed state. When I got out, lights from lamp posts and cars immediately flooded me but I ignored them. I continued walking and walking. I passed by bakeries and food stalls but my feet kept moving so I just let it be. I wondered when will my feet stop. They probably had tuned themselves with the blaring horns, the distant but loud chatter of students who just went out from the university and also my melancholic state. So I continued walking and wondering then walking again, never stopping until I saw this convenience store. I went inside and looked around. Nothing worth buying, really. In the end, I bought myself a hotdog in a bun, coffee and some cheese-flavored junk food. I sat in an empty seat to get the ketchup on my hotdog when Ed Sheeran’s Photograph suddenly played. The guy who’s sitting at the seat right next to mine started singing. He had a nice voice, I noticed. At that moment, I had come to wonder if this guy also feels like in a daze and that’s why he’s there.. I wondered if we were meant to be seated next to each other so we could share our sentiments. I wondered if fate wanted me to say hello to him…But then again, I left and as I am writing this, I wondered of something silly..

I wondered if he could have been my soulmate.