You told me you love me but how is it true?
When you’ve said the same words a few days ago
To a woman you’ve promised forever, a lifetime of you
But isn’t your eternity with me a synonym of that too?

Don’t tell me she was the draft
And that I am the painting later
For that means I have caught your sight
But not before you’ve laid your heart to her

How can a pencil be so different from another pencil?
How is my love different from hers?
I  thought I wrote something new in my love  letters
But for you, I’m merely  tracing the line she’d already drawn

Don’t come to me as if you are in a holiday season
Where you can buy 1 then take 1 and keep them both in your possession
Treat me like a goddamn job application
Then you can have your final interview and neglect the other option

I will be your queen and give you the castle in the cloud
I could fit us two in my palace but three’s already a crowd
So darling, my darling, don’t look the other way around
For gold shall be your crown but so will be your shroud