Last time I made a letter to myself so now, I’m going to make one for all the ‘strong’ people out there.

Dear you,

“Are you okay?””How are you today?””You can talk to me sometime.”— these are words I know you don’t hear often even with your friends. So, let me ask that of you.. How are you? You must have had a tough week or day or a moment just now but still, your cracking jokes and making fun of yourself for others. I just want you to know that if there is anything worthy of the word brave, it would be you. I know you don’t talk to people often— probably because you don’t trust a lot of people, maybe you’re afraid of being judged or misunderstood or maybe you just feel like you would be an added burden to your friends [after all, you’ve listened to them talk about their problems]. It’s okay. People say you are strong because you don’t cry often or express your emotions well but they don’t really know what goes behind close doors, do they? Just because you joke around, people became accustomed to the fact that they could hurl insults and you’d be invincible but they don’t really know when it had hurt already, do they? Of course not. And I know you wanted to explain. I mean you probably tried to explain it once but then it crossed your mind that you, trying to defend yourself might change the way your friends treat you so you decided to just leave it there.

And I know it must’ve hurt.

But I know you’re a brave person. I believe you are. How else did you overcome it all these years? However, I want you to know that there’s no harm in letting it all out, in crying, in admitting you’re weak because despite that facade of being Superman, the thing is, at the  end of the day, we’re humans— superior and fragile at once.  You see, with all these hurt being kept inside you, I know you would like someone to talk to and that’s good but still, you must know that the forgiveness you needed is not from others but from you. In the end, the only person that could console you is yourself.You do not owe them an explanation for being the way that you are but you owe it to yourself. In forgiveness comes acceptance and strength. It is not an easy thing to do especially when you need to plaster that smile for others to see but you are brave— not the kind of brave that all superheroes are and who people would like to be  but the kind of brave who people don’t realize they needed to be.

It is true you know, love makes you strong but the movies and novels sometimes fail to make you realize that you do not have to beg for that love from others because you can give that to yourself. You have to give that to yourself.

So to you, my brave reader, do not stand in an open sea facing the incoming tides alone because no matter how invincible you and others may think you are, there are currents too strong that just buckle your knees and drowns you. If you have to leave, go leave  whatever others may call you. If you have to cry for help, please do because I know your true friends won’t leave you. But if you really want to be in that sea so much, then accept the fact that you can’t swim and then learn to swim and for that, you will have to experience struggling for air, drowning, moving on your own without no one to help but I guarantee you, after all of that, the sea will become the witness of how strong you’ve become.

Advance Happy Holidays 🙂