So… Hi! First of all, I was in constant deliberation with myself if I am going to do this because this would happen to be my first time. However, upon much reflection, I’ve come to realize that there’s really no harm in doing this and so, here it is [tadaaaaaa!] my year-ender post aka how-was-2016-for-me post. Anyway, I know it’s too late but still may I greet you from the brightest part of my being and with utmost sincerity


If you would ask me what 2016 was like, I would definitely tell you that 2016 was a year which had gone fast and furious. I, until now, can’t believe the months just passed me by because I swear I could still remember what happened on the month of June or even January [not really but you know, you get the point haha]. 2016 was a year of blessings for me. Even though there may be sad moments [ I mean how else did I write all my depressed and heartbroken posts?], last year made me realize the happiness which comes from being loved and loving in return.

Today, I am going to reintroduce myself to all of you because then again I can’t really tell you how 2016 was if you won’t get a glimpse of the person that I am. 😉

[drum roll please…]

[drum rolling…]

Hi! You can call me by the name Patrice. I am studying Bachelor of Science in Chemistry [is that shocking?😱😱] Anyway, I could describe myself here but my twitter profile does it better 😊


[soooo that’s basically me in a gist]

This year, I turned 19 [ am I getting old? Is that old?]. Why do I have to mention this, you may ask. Well, it’s because 19 brought to me the Elder Wand [yes, you read that right and yes again, it’s black because my sister HAND-PAINTED it with that color..just why?] and as a Potterhead I could not be more delighted.  I still remember waking up to this and crying because my Hogwarts acceptance letter got way too late [8 years!] but was finally there!


Last year had been a magnificent year for a kdrama/kpop addict like me too. 2016 brought these and many more amazing ones with such moving plots that it did not only capture the Korean community but also the international audience thus garnering popularity even outside Korea.

As I’ve said already,  I am a Kpop fan. As a general music lover, I really dislike people who judge a person’s taste of music or even bash those who like this genre just because the language isn’t English or one they could understand. Music ought not to be a battle of english proficiency but it’s ought to inspire you and make you feel not alone in this world. That simple, right? Anyway, I’m a fan of this boy group called BTS and their songs really made an impact on the outlook I had as a person in her youth. This year had also been a really fruitful year for them and as a fan, I have found the simple bliss of congratulating them in their success in social media. That may sound pathetic but if this is a taste of what it is to love people unconditionally, no matter how tiring it is, then I guess I’m blessed enough that I was given the opportunity to feel it and give it to them.😊😊

2016 also had been a year where our professor had assured us that we could now graduate for we have passed his subjects already i.e. Advanced Inorganic Chemistry and Physical Chemistry. Bless me, I couldn’t be anymore happier hearing that from a professor who almost failed me with my major subjects. As a goodbye, he said, we should take a commemorative photo which eventually turned out like this 😂


If anything, last year made me grateful that I had come to love chemistry and my course with all its ups and downs [ And btw, we don’t memorize the periodic table. It simply becomes familiar to us]. Finally, I am in my last year as a Chemistry student and the sleepless nights and endless pimples will almost come to an end but I still feel like I have a lot of way to go and at the same time I feel nostalgic of the thought that it is almost 4 years since I  introduced myself to the classmates and teachers who had become my family away from my actual ones. I also am able to work on my thesis [yaaaaay!] and good Lord was I a ball of anxiety and nervousness when I had to proposed for it [yep, did it in all black] in front of the panel [but I did it anyway! haha]

How fast does time really fly when you’re occupied [sigh]. However, despite my emotional breakdowns and all those physical torments  I had put on myself, I am proud that I’ve become somehow, even a little bit, a strong person. 👏👏👏

Another thing that 2016 brought me which made me so grateful is all of you, readers and writers. Last year, I’ve decided to make my WordPress account and just as I’ve said in my ‘About’ section, the pure joy of being able to share my sentiments, of being able to touch someone’s life through my posts and of being able to comfort would always be the intention of this account, nothing else. Sometimes, being in other social media sites like twitter or facebook makes someone think that the number of likes is the validation of their feelings or existence that they forget they have their own worth without those and the idea of sharing because it brings someone happiness and not because you want to receive something in return if often diminished. I am thankful I had this account and I could bring myself out and inspire or just comfort someone.


2016 definitely granted my wish of healing my family’s heartaches from the past years. At last, I have spent Christmas, not with tears in my eyes and anger in my heart but with the simple happiness of being with my family. 2016 was not the year of fireworks for us but we did find a steady light to heal ourselves from the pains of what have happened to us in the past as a family and make our bonds stronger.

So, in the year 2017, this year, I do not want to make resolutions and promises. 2016 taught me how surprising events could be and if you do not learn to bend then you’ll eventually break or make it. The world had witnessed how crazy a year could turn out to be. However, as Dumbledore once said


No one really is alone in this world, no matter how  cruel and ugly you may think it is. There is light somewhere but often, I know the darkness could be overwhelming. I hope 2017 would be a year where we, you and I, could both find the light within ourselves and in others. Happy New Year once again!