At some point in your life, you may have been asked what is your favorite color. I mean from the slam books which you have excitedly signed as a symbol of loyalty and friendship back in grade school to becoming a basic information on relationships, your favorite color would always be a trivial yet important thing. Ever since grade school my answer to that question would always be the same. If you have been my friend for years or a stranger I met just an hour ago, you would still know the answer to that.


I don’t know when and why but I have always liked that color. “It’s probably because it’s associated to royalty” they said. “Why that? It’s for mourning” they also said. The thing is, whenever I look at the color, I always associate it to two things: distant mountains and twilight.

Have you ever looked at a mountainous area in a cold weather from a very far distance and you can see the mountains blending with the horizon in a violet hue? I’ve always found that scenery so moving .

I’ve always wondered how can staring at them bring such a lonely feeling? How is something  far and cold yet so beautiful at the same time?

Have you ever walked alone, just to ease your mind, when the day comes to pass and the night prepares to greet or vice versa? They say twilight, put simply, is the period where it is neither daylight nor darkness but somewhere in between. I’ve always wanted to look at that kind of sky. It is brief yet it is beautiful. It is neither and end nor a beginning but it takes on itself a different kind of magic.

I think, that’s the wonder of nature. It makes us realize that there are colors in the spectrum our eyes don’t see much but when you just stop and look for it in places  you take for granted, then you’d realize how there are things you do unknowingly need. And for me, that speaks of life and of people as well. Work makes us busy. School does too. It seems that there is no stopping us from driving ourselves to the limits of our capabilities just to achieve our dreams. People want to see vitality and happiness so much that we fail at recognizing and empathizing in the pain of others. We deviate ourselves from the ‘weak’  just for us to realize later that we’ve become one. Like looking at the distant mountains and twilight, we should know that the comfort we seek sometimes comes from people who are less appreciated and are deemed alone by this society but that’s only because these people know more than anyone else how it is to still live a life of happiness while being labeled so.

Violet— the color which reminds me that there is beauty in sadness, in things out-of-reach and cold, of things too short to appreciate. It speaks of how even in the glaring colors of red and yellow which evokes memories of stunning and head-turning sunsets, of the calming colors of blue and green which had sustained our lives, there is also a color which brings about emotions of melancholy and pain yet isn’t any less lovely as the other ones you see in the sky. It’s the color of bruises too. Yet don’t bruises remind you that you are not as breakable as others think you are? That you think you are? You see, it is not in the vibrant hues of day nor the darkness of night in which you can find yourself amidst your busy schedule but it is the  violet tinge of cold, of distance, of twilight in between, of being left alone that you learn to rely on your own armor in the battles that you fight in but most importantly, it is the only time where you can pause for awhile and appreciate the blessings of having your life and having yourself.

note: credit goes to the respective owners of the photos used 🙂