Once in a while, in meteor-filled skies
of strange dreams which flew by
I find myself in longing and I don’t know why

Once in a while, in songs where hearts are broken
where love isn’t meant to be
I find myself crying for someone I can’t even see

It seems to me that it’s probably crazy
Yet I feel this pang of sorrow
As if someone had been taken from me

Once in a while, when dreams feel like a memory
when time allows us to run into each other
Write to me the name I’ve searched in this impossibility

Just a little more..
A bit more..

I plead for nights to be longer
For melodies Time will shed tears for
Let it tug the strings of his heart so he could give you to me
You whose name I can’t even remember

Have you seen Kimi no Na wa? I can't even explain here how I love that anime. 
I feel like the film had captured a paradox of love, of being the nearest you 
could be to your true love but  at the same time how separated could you be to 
each other. I love how it gives you both laughter and tears (definitely). Most
especially, I love the immense possibility of their future served in  the ending. 
I couldn't have been more inspired in writing this❤❤