Forgive me friend for I am not the type to say “thank you” and “sorry”  frequently like others do. It is not that these are alien words to me but it’s just that for me, these are words which carry heavy meanings, which should be uttered with honest intentions and I don’t like to throw them around carelessly. 

Forgive me friend for I am not the type to console you when you are crying in front of me. Sometimes I find myself unable to speak the right words to say in such situations. Sorry if I just awkwardly listen to you cry your frustrations and worries without saying anything. If I forgot to pat your head, offer you a handkerchief or tell you it’s gonna be okay, I’m sorry for that too. 

Forgive me also because I, sometimes, want you to share your secrets  to me without doing it in return. It’s just that I want to relieve you of your burdens in a way that I can but I feel like I cannot share mine to you yet. It is not that I don’t trust you but it’s just that there were things that scarred me and left me bitter with people and this world and I don’t want to share such broken things to you. Friend, I hope you understand that I am yet to mend myself.

Forgive me friend if all I can do was joke around and make you laugh. That’s the only thing I’m the best that. That’s the only sure way you’ll be happy. In that way, at least even for seconds, I’ve lifted the sorrows in your mind and heart. I’m sorry then if I’m unable to connect somehow to your pained self. 

Forgive me because for all the poetry that I write, I couldn’t make one which will ease the hurt in your heart right now. There are feelings, no matter how common they seem, which can’t be put into words and be comforted by words alone. It seems to me that the only thing I could offer you at such times is the language of friendship.

I am here for you. I told you that.

I am here and I mean that. 

You have other friends and they shine so bright. They tell you the words I fail to say. They shed the tears I fail to show when everything’s gone wrong for you. But I am willing to be your shadow in nights where I know I cannot be your star. I promise to keep you company so when you decide to vent it all to nothingness, you won’t feel so alone. My presence in your life is the only thing I could give, awkward may it seem. If there is anything I would not ask forgiveness for, it would be that.