With presidents and powerful people declaring statements and orders everywhere, I often wonder what should be the weight of a human life for it to be deemed important enough in this society we live in? How is it that such people could say “Kill them.” or consider them as merely pests in this society just because of their race, their preference or their crimes?

What is the weight of a human life for it to be important enough to be saved and be accepted equal? Should it be feather light? Or should it be a bowling ball? Just how are we judging this? How are they judging this? Are we doing it while on free fall? Because those lives which are too ‘light’ should matter more in there where they, among others, would reach the deadly bottom far slower. Or are we still doing it on a balance beam scale? You see, in there, you will never be able to tilt the balance to an equilibrium if you’re just an ordinary person because the other end would always be pulled down by someone with power and sadly, society would always side with them.

These people in “power” that I talk about is not limited to those with authority but I refer to each and everyone of us whose perspective is the same as those who has.  It is a subjective power we have instilled in ourselves that upon looking at others, we see them as inferior to us. That is a power you have given to yourself. And that is the power you would always exercise if given the situation to do so, no matter how small that situation may be.

We complain of the the respective president or officials we have elected for our countries yet did we stop and think that that person sitting with power right there is the personification of the hidden desires that the society has but dare not say? We call them murderers, racist, sexist and other vile things but have you ever stopped to think that these are the things the society has evolved to but dare not admit to himself?

We are humans.

How many times have I said that in my posts? Yet, are we? What is the standard of being one? Biologically? Just who are those people who think that they are higher than anyone that they could devalue someone’s worth and life? Are we not suppose to be creatures of higher intelligence, capable of  taking care of ourselves and others in many forms? But it became so many that it has interlaced into this web of powerful people playing God. We forget the supposed simplicity and sincerity in those actions and decide for what is seemingly good for humanity. Yet how can we say that someone’s life doesn’t weigh equal to ours or someone else’s? We dream to eradicate the world of ‘evil’ yet we cannot define good without it. Thus, when ‘powerful’ people decide to create a world where only good things flow, the world would once again redefine the word ‘evil’ and ‘unlawful’  to its own comfort.

The weight of a human life— I’ve realized it doesn’t matter if it’s feather light or as heavy as a bowling ball or where it is weighed because those who could defy gravity with money and power  would always be more important according to the society we live in. Those with greater privilege and position who commit crimes against another human would always be not guilty in a court where power is the judge.

 And that shouldn’t be.

The weight of a human life, no matter how many ‘sins’ as  it has been tainted with, is for no human to put label and value on. ‘Sins’, yes, because the society is fond of playing Almighty and calling out sinners. How ironic, when we too are what we call others. How sad that we seem to think that the weight of our lives is far greater than others we see less — criminals, addicts, gays, whores, blacks. Name it. The weight of your life is the weight of her life, of his and of others, no matter where and who you are, we all weigh the same because that weight signifies only one thing: the right to live.