In these late night thoughts I have
I remember the lover that never was,
in youthful past and summer breeze

I have in me a secret to tell
hidden in such cheap poetry
I hope you somehow read well

Somewhere in the lane of love and agony
I held myself captive
In a prison I’ve deleted in my memory

I took out the thorns which had for long pierce
which had for long kept together
a heart screaming for no more of the tears

In those broken pieces I saw a face
Whom fate gave to me
For me to fill the loneliest space

For years I’ve looked and looked only
On this person who held my hand
On this person I loved unknowingly

For years I’ve made a promise
To withdraw from the hands which touch me
To avoid the love which could burn me

For in those years I’ve realized
That there is such great price
In asking for what more than friendship could suffice

So forgive me if I decided to withheld ,
If the choking confusion inside
Build a wall you can no longer climb

A prisoner I’ve decided to become
to free you of a burden
of the broken coward that I am

 So I hope in this late night you read
Of the confession that never was
Of  a promise unspoken
With hopes of having this heart at ease