Now and then people ask me
of how we came to be
When I’m as cold as the days in winter
and you as bright as  summer sea

Now and then I ask me
of how I loved you so
When I can’t see a single trace of myself
in all your crazy shows

Some argue you’re the warm East and  I, the distant West
poets  call you North and I, your opposite, South
Yet I am not in those four directions, not even in eight
for back then I am as lost as you have been found

If others are compared to a star,
in dark skies and troubled nights
Then my love your the stunning aurora
to the lonely Arctic heights

You bring in me something unique
and things I know incredulous and silly
But for all your embarrassing antics
I find myself staring on the definition of beauty

Oh Love, my dear, must have lost it’s mind
when it gambled you and me to the clutches of Time
You showed cherry blossoms in fall, melted snow to the ground
just how I wish this isn’t him playing around

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