Meet me halfway  when the  taste of separation leaves our mouths with the blandness of understanding after years of bitterness.

Meet me halfway when our decision to leave each other become the medicine we could finally swallow to heal ourselves from getting our hearts broken.

Meet me halfway when the distance which once rift us apart and still does, closes enough for you and me to finally see what has become of us.

Meet me halfway, to the place where you and I became each other’s pain, when you and I became each other’s prayer at night, somewhere you and I could say, after years, how we were thankful for being each other’s laughter and support

So will you meet me halfway? For I may not be entirely the same person as I was but I can still offer you the brand of a unique friendship, of sincerity and of a soul which was meant to be a part of yours but not as much as we had wanted it to be. 

Meet me halfway, okay? So you could laugh and mock at me with that loud voice of yours how I could’ve shorten this letter into a single line of “I miss you.”

I wouldn’t have wanted meeting you again in any other way.