She is beautiful
In ways I haven’t told her
In ways I wanted to

She is beautiful
— With her unkempt hair
With her loud snores
With her scratched eyeglasses
Her mood swings
Her lazy days
Her 2am eating schedule
Her amused expression
And the happy one, and even the angry one
The way her eyebrows raise when she’s skeptical
The way it forms a constant bridge too
She is beautiful

She was beautiful
When tears were in her eyes
When she said she wanted time

She was beautiful
Back when she is mine
And even when she said goodbye

To my love,
You are more beautiful than the poems I’ll ever write. I hope I had told you that.

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Author's note: There were regrets in my life. He was not the greatest regret but 
he broke my heart the most. Until now, there are times I wish I had replied.