Let’s do a game of hide and seek
A game I know for two
Where you and I dance the fine line
Of what’s permitted and what’s taboo

Let’s say you and I be together
In a day, or months or even longer
Where you and I kiss and make-up
and give each other pleasure

Oh! Let us play ‘pretend’ now
But for only one condition:
Never fall in love me
Not by my smiles nor my attention

So come and in heated kisses whisper
How I made you into this sinner
How I had become your addiction
How I put your worries to oblivion

Oh! let’s play this game for two
Until we have to hide our feelings too
After all, a condition is a condition
Even if we prefer to make true of this deception

So let us seal this secret with our lips
Let us stay in our lies for a moment
Hiding our harbored feelings
Seeking this utter abandonment

Let’s live together just another minute longer
Let’s not imagine a place of vows or “I do”
For a fear that goes deeper tell me
that the man before me won’t be you