There are dreams that we hide from others.

These are dreams that we deny even to ourselves. These are desires of our hearts we deem too impossible, too unreachable for our own capabilities. Ye,t we silently, wishfully plead to  whoever is listening out there for that one chance. Just one. There’s a hidden tiny voice inside our head that says, “Please. Can you at least give this to me? Impossible may it seem?” Others don’t know it. Sometimes we, ourselves, pretend not to.

And life, well, sometimes it just gets bored and gives that to you. A Cinderella story of your own. A bloom of hope, a quiet thanks, a day where the future ahead is not too bleak as what you’ve expected it to be. You see, these dreams we dare not voice out, are the dreams created by a child’s mind where everything could happen and where there is no barrier, no amount of failure to hinder it. It’s so pure and fragile that we are afraid to let even ourselves realize it for the fear of also realizing how crazy they are. Yet crazy they may seem, we feel this surprising happiness when life decides to make them true. There is hope, we tell ourselves. I am not a failure after all. I am more than what I’ve decided to be.


Life, well, sometimes it just gets bored and decides to be cruel. The glass slipper wasn’t that unbreakable. The magic did fade. The clock struck for the third time and everything of that hope came crashing as you realize that at the end, it was a mistake to let such a pure desire be known to yourself. Such an illusion of grandeur. At the end, you were just what you decided to be. Nothing more. Life played you and you let yourself be blinded by the idea of being something more than what you are capable of achieving. Another failure. Another demon to fight just to keep the peace in your soul. This time though, the scars went too deep that you can’t dare let light into that abyss. Now, you are afraid of the light because deep inside you know that the comfort from that light will just be as temporary like all others.

You were right all this time. You were meant to be alone. Fantine was right all along. There are dreams that cannot be and there are storms we cannot weather. The fleeting moments of hope, of confidence and happiness you’ve dared gave yourself despite the warnings in your head are what broke you in the end.

They all just break you in the end.