There is a tale I need to tell.

There was this girl who in the midst of the confinement she had put on herself in the guise of  independence, met someone. Like any fairytale, he seems to introduce to her the feeling of not needing  that prison. That someone made her feel like there is something more to this world than the bitterness cursing through her. Finally, she had met someone whose warmth relieves the burning coldness. Finally, she can talk about her loneliness and her insecurities but not feel embarrassed or burdened. Finally, someone who can accept and love her for the mess that she is.

But it was not finally. It was not a happily ever after in the end. For little did that girl know that misery loves company. Little did she know that it was not love nor acceptance but it was a mechanism to move on. Her loneliness attracted his loneliness. Her insecurities embraced his. The bitterness which flows  with the blood in her veins was the same color as his but when they merged, it seems to be of lighter hue. Yet it doesn’t mean that they loved each other. No. They needed each other to make each other feel loved through attention and assurance. They both needed the comfort brought about by each other’s kisses and soft words. They were both tinged with silent desperation to breathe and live again by taking air from each other. It was wrong in someone else’s perspective but it was right for the likes of them. Them who are broken. Them who have half of the heart. And them who by a slight touch and compliment sway because there minds and hearts are tired of always being rejected, of being alone in the prisons they build around themselves.

Misery loves company.

In the end, he was not the key to the prison but is just another prisoner.

To the people who have found what love means and to the people who’re trying to find it,