Today is the day I’ve finally reached the starting line of my 20’s. On this day also, I’ve marked the beginning of another path. I’ve realized that two months from now, I would finally enter the professional world.

How does it feel?

I would be more than glad to tell you that with another stepping stone I’d just crossed, my life has changed somehow but no, my life has not. I am older yet I am still the same person that I was yesterday. I am still the person who writes about depressing things and broken hearts. I’m still the person who you all knew through my stories.

Yet I do feel different.

For me, it was not the fact that I’ve turned 20. No, I think it was the fact that it’s my birthday. It’s a birthday. Somehow, I feel like our birthdays make us look at how far we’ve already come from the past, the bliss of living in the moment and the thrill of the future ahead. For me, that’s the magic of birthdays. They make you see the world as something more positive, the people around you as more than just a source of temporary happiness and yourself as someone more than your insecurities and imperfections. And for me, that’s magical and beautiful.

A day doesn’t change a person. Only time can do that. Yet a day, even a moment, can change a person’s outlook, a person’s perception of the world and of herself . And I think that’s where everything else begins to unravel.

Today is a good day. Today is any other day in your calendar. But today also marks the 20th year of someone who  wants to touch a soul, one post at a time and one who’s gradually achieving it. And I think, that’s a reason enough to celebrate and be happy.