If one day you end up beating yourself
Come with me and I’ll show you my closet of faults
Hanged in there are my pride
Displayed there are my glittering lies
Of things I despise but things that I am

If one day you feel like you’re not enough
Let me hug you and soothe you
Let me comfort you with words I am familiar with
Of words I whisper to the sky
Of the forgiveness I try to give to myself

If one day death is but the only solution
Let me not tell you of life
Let me strip naked of my pretense
You can visit the abyss of my soul
I’ll let you hear the dying breath inside

So if one day you think you’re a failure
Come with me and I’ll carry the cross
Let me crucify myself for you
Let me show you that you’re not alone
That your life is worth living

If one day you decide to say all that hurts you
Let me hold your hand
Let me tell you I’ll be there
I will abandon all for you
If that’s the only way I can save you