I had a dream of traveling in such a deserted road and of seeing something on the other side where the coldness blends with the pitch dark sky.

I find myself staring at it as it stares back at me with such compelling and knowing eyes. Its words come out so soft with comprehension, making me want to stop in this exhausting travel. 

“Come here,” it says.

“I can’t. I do not belong here.”

It hums an answer as if it knows that there is nothing but  lie to what I just said. Of course I belong here. After all, it is the road I chose to take, unaware of how it will wear me down until this very moment. I stood there, still, waiting for it to say anything more, maybe justify this strange familiarity I have towards it. However, it continues to stare with eyes that invites to answer the questions I have. That is, if I go there. I slowly turn away from this creature whose small voice beckoned me amidst the maddening desperation to be saved and the resolution to stay silent.

“Come with me.” I said as I slightly turn my head towards it but nevertheless still leaving.

“No. I’m here to keep someone company.”

I stopped. “Who?”

“I am here to keep you company.”

I stared at it in confusion.

“Because one day  you will come to me again like today and tomorrow and in every single day you find yourself tired and crying, anguished and hurt.” It smiled, explaining. “I was here when you found me and I was here when you left and returned with your memories of me discarded at a place where you dispose of everything unwanted and will continue to be here when everyone else turns their back. Today, tomorrow and in every single day.”


It stared at me with eyes of pity and understanding.

“Because the least thing that you could give to yourself is your own company but at the end, it’s the only thing that won’t let you go.”