There’s a voice that eases all the pain inside me. It smoothens the creases in my forehead, wipes the hidden tears and tells me that it’s going to be okay. It will be okay. The sound it makes meets my deepest sighs and silent cries and embraces them with such gentleness that everything that has ever hurt fades into oblivion. The chaos inside me seemed to curl itself into that voice in resignation from the exhaustion of its existence.

Sometimes no matter how tough we think we are, we just need to be a child once in a while. We just need someone to ask the questions we fail to ask and to care for us in our most vulnerable times. We just need a hug in a moment of weakness.

Sometimes chaos needs peace too.

Pain needs comfort.

And that voice, which accepts all failures, which speaks of unconditional love and soothes even the most broken souls is sometimes all that we need.

A voice that never gives us up even when we have given up.

A voice that heals the demons in our minds and hearts.

A voice which will always believe in us.

Without a second of hesitation.
Over and over and yet over again.


Mom, thank you for being that voice.