This is a response to my friends who constantly ask what type of boy could possibly bring such a cold-hearted girl like me to her knees.

If I have to guess among all guesses, it would be the type with your laugh.
For a moment, he laughed
for a moment, I stared
At the smooth curve of his neck
To the motion of his jaw as he made that melody
To the flush in his cheeks
And yes, to the deep brown of his mirthful eyes
Those eyes which reminds me of the morning coffee I’ve always liked

Yet if I have to venture another guess, it would be the type with your passion.
He stood there, talking
I stood there, entranced
At the movement of his hands in the air
At his excitement with things just ignored
I stood there, captivated
Even to a bomb of his jargon and theories
The way he seemed lost in this world
But the way he’s also found in his

Yet I cannot help thinking that it is just someone of opposite personality as me.
He smiled so easily
breathe easily
With that, I healed my brokenness
With him, the unforgiving ice melted
He’s the warmth in this snow
The first applause in a deserted show
A proof that two opposite beings attract
He’s a home I can finally go back

But in the heap of this confusion, I have finally come to a conclusion. 
There was no type
no what but a who
It was not a search for someone like you
not someone with that smile
nor with your ideals and quirks
not how you mend my heart too
For in the many faces you’d wear 
To the next life and thereafter
No matter how fate may distort you
I would like to believe
That the threads of our souls are connected
And perhaps they may not understand
But I think I do
It was not a what
But a who
And that who would always be you

To the oddly-matched couples which had once more revived this fangirl heart aka Genya and David, Matthias and Nina then Wylan and Jesper (yes, you two!), this is for you!! Thank you Leigh Bardugo for inspiring me by creating these characters. For anyone who hasn't read the Grisha series yet (both trilogy and duology), please do yourself some favor and invest in reading a great book😚 Okay?