There are words I do not want to say
But I said them anyway

There are things I am afraid to do
But I did them just fine

I have cursed many souls and cursed mine in return
But I ended up just fine

I take one step
Two steps
A thousand
And I walk this lonely journey to hell just fine

I have seen the blood in my veins trickle
On my hands
On the floor
Till my tears were their color too

I have heard the steady rhythm of my pulse fade
Like the sound of dying water from a faucet
But I had opened my eyes and here I am just fine

Then I met you and I thought my whole universe has crumbled into dust when you left
But still, I am breathing just fine

I am tired
For I have knelt and asked the One above
Then I lay at night and asked myself
But then I woke up and forgot about it
because still I was fine

So now that I am merely a vessel of a girl who is dying inside
I ask you
Just how many times do I have to kill myself to be not just fine

Here I am, a stranger. But your friend nonetheless.