Hey, look at me and read me. Pause for a while. Pause. Now read and when it tells you to breathe, breathe as much as you can.

Inhale. Exhale.

 It’s okay. I know what you are feeling right now. There must be hell in your head with all those worries and fears running around non-stop. You twist your body to the right then to the left but no, sleep seems to elude you. Then there’s this knot in your stomach and suddenly you find yourself having short breaths with sweat on your forehead. You feel like puking but on the other hand, you want to do something useful instead but your body seems to be petrified with keeping all those worries bottled inside. And then you twist again from one side to another but all it does is to put the existing scenario in your brain into haywire.

Hey, it’s okay. Okay? It will be. Breathe. Expel all those demons haunting you, those what ifs, those fears of disappointment into that one lungful of air and then get it out of your system. Feel the pulse on your wrist and feel that life inside you. Close your eyes for a moment and let the absence of light leave you with yourself. Leave the trivial things in life — those standards and responsibilities you seem to take all on your own. Trivial, yes, for before your happiness, they are merely what this world needs and wants from you.

Now open them, think and picture the faces of the people which will always embrace you no matter what happens. Because they are home. They’ll always be. When you become afraid of whatever it is that the future brings, cast your own Patronus charm. Yes, because I know that your single happy memory will never fail to remind you that in this fight that you have, you were and never will be alone. So don’t stress about it so much. Remember what Hagrid had said to Harry when he asked if he was worried of Voldemort coming back? Now, say those exact words to yourself.

“What’s coming will come. And we’ll meet it when it does.”

 You will. You should. Because time will continue even when you won’t. Remember, and always do, that you have wings. The left wing to carry all the burden of your mind and the demons which keep you awake till now. And the right wing to carry the hopes and dreams of your heart. Two opposite sides stretching onto two opposite directions. But in doing so, they make you fly. They make you, you

So laugh. Because you could so with a few laughs as the Marauders and the Weasley twins showed you.

So study and prepare well. Because if the answer is not in your heart nor in your mind, then it’s probably in the library. Ask Hermione.

But never forget to believe in your friends and support them too as Ron had. They’re probably as anxious and troubled as you are. Our boggarts take different forms and the things we see in the Mirror of Erised are as different from one another too. But all the same, the visions reflect what resides in the deepest corners of one’s heart. There is no point in envy just because the other seems to be better. It does not hurt to ask if someone is still okay.

So breathe, darling. Tomorrow will become today and before you know it, you’d be standing there against your biggest fear like all of the characters of the books that you’ve read… And you will face it. Because more than the ability to defeat it, it was the choice to do so which made you who you are. This beautiful and brave mess that you are.

Kiss the nightmares away and smile. You are loveliest when you do so.