“What’s the sweetest word for you?”

“ Hmmm. Thank you.”

“Not ‘I love you’?”

“No, not ‘I love you’.” I paused. “You see, the concept of love is like Schrodinger’s cat. By now, almost everyone can tell you in mundane words what’s the deal with the cat in the box. No one really does care enough for the dizzying quantum mechanics behind it. Well, not unless your area of interest lies in there. Anyway, love is ironically like that — simply defined for those who merely skims the surface, a constant challenge to those who pursue it and a sudden headache for those who have encountered and dare ask what really is it.”

“So? Why can’t it be the sweetest word even with those things?”

“ Because one loves unconditionally, as they say so, until they reach the limit of their conditions. Those three words could mean a goodbye or a hello or in fact, just a good night kiss. But what’s sweet could not be bitter nor should it leave that impression.”

“And ‘Thank you’ doesn’t?”

“ Thank you is thank you. For the act. For the time. For being the person one needs at that moment. In this society where anyone can breed from your insecurity over your body or your social status or just whatever it is that makes you seemingly inadequate, that phrase is the sweetest thing you could say. Thank you – for this person in front of me, for choosing to do what you did and for the person that you are. No more, no less. A stranger could say that to you or a family member but it’s the same. Because they feel gratitude towards this human being having existed at that split second of eternity and not because she represents something that could either be shallow or deep like the idea of a soulmate or a lover. “


“I think that’s what everyone needs to hear occassionally – someone thanking them. You know, the appreciation that you existed on this world.”