To Naruto and Sasuke, you are more than anime characters to me. This is for you.


It was one of those many moments when I have fallen prey to the misery of my own existence that I am awaken by something. It was dark and it was cold but something had called me from afar, had needed me from afar. I followed the path towards you but what met me in the end was no colder and darker than the path I left behind. It was you who had called. It was your heart looking for another lost soul to embrace and to share the burden and though you may not recognize it yourself, I know it was you. For a broken boy only knows too well what another broken boy looks like. And although you ran and chose to be consumed with hatred, I tried my hardest to turn your way to the light which had led me to you. I persisted. Because to me, you are important. To me, you are someone who can love as much as you have allowed yourself to hate. I ran and ran until my legs are to the point of breaking, my hands are to the limits of being stretched from reaching out to you. But once I caught up, you intended to extinguish the light connecting us.

And you did. 

But I was glad that you did.

For through that darkness engulfing us, you had the freedom to show your burden and your tears. So for awhile, let me relieve you from that despair and hatred I knew all too well. Let me share the love I have received, the same love you have refused yourself to have. Let me be here for you. Because that’s what friends do.


“Ore wa anata no hikaru ni naru.”


“I will be your light.”

What a beautiful fanart this one is. All credits of course goes to the awesome person who did this.