All she wanted was for someone to be brave enough. All she is asking was for someone to stop her when her monsters take over. When they lash out, when they endlessly scream the disappointment and frustrations, when they pound so hard in her head like an alarm clock on snooze, all she wanted was for someone to care. That’s all. All she wanted was someone to realize she was in pain. All she needs is for someone to hold her hands and stop them from the physical torture they are doing to her body, to look at her angry and crying eyes and never look away from them, to not be afraid of being devoured.

But the moon waned, the sun rose and no one was brave enough. So when someone came in the middle of the havoc, she became so hopeful. But it was just her who came tired and sympathetic part of her who embraced the monsters like a mother’s welcoming arms extended to her child. It was that day when she cried out of exhaustion, of pity and of grief. It was just her all along, all this time of waiting for someone else to save her. 

It was the loneliest moment, realizing that. But it was also the strongest she would ever be.

She wanted a hero but time taught her to be one.