“Maybe the journey isn’t becoming anything at all. Maybe it’s unbecoming everything you think you should be so you can finally be who you are.”

I was switching between radio stations when I heard this quotation by chance. I remember being emotionally exhausted on top of going through thee burden of studying for the licensure exam. It is draining me beyond anything. So I lie there with my consciousness drifting between sleep and wakefulness when I heard that over the radio. It has then become so fitting at that instant as if those words were meant to be for me. And it struck me how a lot of aspiring youths like me would rather categorize themselves among others than realize that each of us are unique individuals. Everyday, since the moment we learned to read and write, we were taught to be this and that. We were taught to be a ‘what’ rather than a ‘who’. As for me, the goal would always be to succeed in the profession I had. But that’s what I wanted to become. That’s what I thought the whole journey was about. And that, I think, is what dehumanizes people as they grew up. Because we are so pressured by the expectations of society, we lose the sense of individuality and uniqueness. We would rather conform than be different. But we are different, you are you and I am me in every aspect, every bit of vulnerability and imperfections. That’s who we are. And somehow, I think this whole journey in life is suppose to teach us that. Maybe this is more on untangling the net of deception and expectations rather than covering ourselves with it. Maybe we are not meant to find a purpose, an explanation or a validation of why we are here at this very moment. Maybe we are not meant to find but rather to free ourselves and let that be the purpose, the explanation and sole validation of why we should be here.