Hello there!

Before I became fond of writing, I first am a bookworm by heart and soul. You will discover that fact soon enough when you browse my posts and see some references! I believe that it was in reading that I’ve learned of my passion for writing. Not too many are blessed of having the words to express nor especially the words which could pierce the barrier on race, culture and sex set by our society. I am not saying my words do, far from it really. These are just collections of my thoughts yet they are thoughts of someone going through the struggles in her life and in that aspect, I think everyone does relate. I am thankful enough that I could share whatever I have – my angry posts or the depressing ones or the ones about broken hearts- to a reader and writer like me.  For the first time, I’ve experience the joy of just sharing and not wanting something in return. I feel glad to press “publish” knowing somewhere in the globe, I’ve comforted someone, one way or another, with my posts.

So you there, keep smiling 🙂